I want to express my thanks both to you and to I-deal Optics. Your service, attention to detail, and product line have been an important part of helping Moody Eyes grow. In particular, when our lab was having some problems with rimless frames I-deal not only sent extra fittings and a replacement frame to the lab, you took the time to personally call them. This kind of service is invaluable and greatly appreciated. I anticipate I-deal Optics will be an important part of Moody Eyes for years to come.

D. Penn Moody, O.D.

We operate a multi-office, multi-specialty eyecare practice, with a diverse patient base and high volume dispensaries. As managed vision care creates ever greater pressures on gross margins, we are constantly in search of vendor products that can deliver the most favorable value equation by offering good quality products and services at the most competitive prices. i-dealoptics has been a key supplier for our business for almost five years. They provide quality frames at outstanding prices, and provide a level of service equal to any of our best suppliers. And, their product mix is diverse and hits the “sweet spot” of styling. The leadership of the company espouses core values that make i-dealoptics a company with which it’s a pleasure to business.

Bill Shertzer
Manager Michiana Eye Center & Facial Plastic Surgery South Bend,
Mishawaka, and Plymouth, Indiana

We just recently became suppliers of the Casino, Jelly Bean and Haggar lines. I can't say enough about the great price, but more than that the styles are great and the quality has been excellent. I love them!

Optix Optometry

We love the i-deal frames, especially the Jelly Bean line. Finally we have a stylish frame collection, with a decent warranty, to offer our budget conscious or managed care patients!

Maureen Brewer, Optician
Karen Haag, Optician
Northeast Ophthalmology

Dear Matt, Michael and Mark
Just a note to thank you for the super service that we’ve received over the years. As you know, since discovering Ideal Optics, our dispensary has benefited immensely.
The quality of all of your products has proven to be equal, or better than that of our previous suppliers at a fraction of the cost. Our patients are equally impressed by the fashion as well as the durability of your frames. Lastly, and most importantly the people at Ideal Optics is what has made a difference. Your sincerity and caring for not only as customers, but as people beyond our account number is what has kept us coming back.

Best wishes Dr. Richard Hareychuk, OD,FAAO

Dear Mr. Feldman,
I am writing this letter to congratulate you on having two outstanding employees, Mr. Harvey Krupp, and Mr. Mark Smith. In all of the 30 years that I have been working as a licensed optician, I have never come cross meeting anyone exhibiting the professional and personable qualities that Harvey and Mark have. I first met Harvey when our office opened the account with Ideal. I felt like we were friends from the get go. Mark was the person taking all our orders by phone, and having once live in the same general area of my home, we had a lot in common to talk about. We finally met face to face on one of his trips back to Miami. Once again, it felt like seeing old friend.
I have enclosed a copy of a letter that I received from the American Institute for Cancer Research. Once you read it, you will understand the purpose of my writing to you. I was overcome with great emotion while reading it myself. Here you have two people that did not know my parents, but yet felt the emotion that I was feeling and took the time and effort to make a donation on my parents’ behalf. I salute you Mr. Feldman, for having these two beautiful gentleman working for you, and salute Harvey and Mark for being my friends. If your company gives out any awards for outstanding employee of the year, I strongly nominate Harvey and Mark as an excellent example of salesmanship and humanitarian qualities, and I hope that you and your other employees are proud to be associated with them both. I for one am.


I want to thank you for the great product and service over the past few years we have been working together. I-dealoptics frames truly are the best value, style and quality in the optical industry. We have been using the product for our insurance programs and value needs with great success. Your quality, service and on-time delivery have made them the first choice for our dispensers. I would highly recommend your company to others in the optical industry.

Larry Pearson
COO Midwest Vision Centers
Saint Cloud, Minnesota